Poji Uchiha is the grandfather of Madara Uchiha II and the brother of Madara Uchiha I. He is Poji Keisatsu's Namesake and paternal ancestor.

Legacy Arc Edit

Poji Keisatsu, Kakashi Hatake, Genma and Orochimaru all travel to the Sanctuary of the Sage, to speak with Poji's ancestors about the past of Uchiha Clan. They are reanimated Poji Uchiha, Madara Uchiha I and Saisho Uchiha for that single purpose. Poji and Madara I tell Poji of the war against the Soeki Clan and that they tried to destroy the ninja world. Madara I was killed by a member of the Soeki Clan and out of the respect Poji's son named his newborn Madara. After the war the Uchiha Clan was cursed by Soeki to fall victim when hate is in their heart. Saisho further explains that the Uchiha Clan was created to protect the Ninja World at all costs and that they were the loyal protectors of the Sanctuary, noting that the Sage of Sixth Path's is missing. Upon that Poji Keisatsu declared he'd finish Saisho's dream to make a better world and sets his new goal in motion.

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