Poji is the protagonist of Kaosuden following After War Arc.

Background Edit

Poji was one of three test subjects in the Land of Rain. He was one of the three to be given the Sharingan and follow power of the Uchiha Clan and Kekkei Genkai or he thought it was, until Sasuke told him the honorable truth. Master of the Lightning Release and Dark Release Jutsus, he can create variety of jutsus following them. After witness several fights he has gained new abilities. He has also has similar abilities of the Hyuga Clan, being able to clearly see the Chakra Network and use Hyuga Clan taijutsu. He is also the test subject for the Bureka commonly confused for jinchuriki, Burekas carry similar beasts in them created through experiments however Burekas are stronger then jinchuriki.

Personality Edit

Poji is serious, sometimes clumsy, very smart and kind person to his friends and Nations of the World. He doesn't let his life be consumed with hatred. Poji always puts his loved ones first and consider his life as less important to him then details of wind. Following the Fourth Shinobi World War, he and Sasuke are the only Uchiha's that don't have a speck of hatred to any village or to a single person. Of course, Poji had no part in it as it did not go far enough. Poji is easily more powerful then Sasuke by the time his Rinnegan wake but he is still several times weaker then Naruto and Madara. He is also Madara's heir and the next leader of the clan but Poji desire to help Sasuke become the leader instead him.

Abilities Edit

File:Fire Style Fireball.png

While still a child, Poji is hailed as a brilliant but clumsy ninja, even by the battle-adept Uchiha clan's standards, showing an undeniable prodigious talent and keen intellect to excel at all that he does. From this, he finds little difficulty in more challenging tasks as seen during his being taught by Pain and Konan. In his younger years he had poor accuracy but slowly and surely he became good with his aim. He easily outsmarted Konan and the Rinnegan beared Pain and was allowed to be accepted as Ninja. Poji has great knowledge if not proficiency in many of his clan's techniques. His abilities have been compared to various remarkable individuals like Kakashi Hatake, who was also hailed a a genius even as a child. Obito, Itachi, and Madara have all stated that Poji possesses the unique potential to become much stronger than his older brother, who was already considered a genius above all others. Orochimaru even noted that Poji is far stronger than Sasuke in Part I. Obito has also stated that in time, Poji could become more powerful than Madara.

Despite officially still being only a jonin, he develops much of his potential, becoming strong enough to fight on par with several highly skilled and extremely powerful shinobi, such as his father, Aku, Madara, and the Sage of Sixth Paths, though he downplays his victory over his father and attributes it to the Uchiha's controlled state. Poji was able to clash with Aku — a powerful and dangerous S-rankscientist, decipher the mechanisms behind his abilities, and survive their battle without any handicaps. This didn't prevent Aku from tempting to kill Poji and Kajin during their battle, displaying surprise on a few occasions over Poji's improved skills and tactics and ultimately noting that if he didn't use Susanoo he would have been killed by Dark Release: Rasenshuriken.

After awakening his Mangekyō Sharingan (despite not being fully healed from the battle against the shinobi in the Land of Rain), Poji proved able to stand against Deidara, Shukaku's clone's new jinchūriki and an extremely powerful ninja, who praised Poji as one of the strongest ninja he has ever faced since his new gift, despite Poji's difficulty in defeating him. After fully healing and further adjusting to his Mangekyō Sharingan, Poji proved able to hold his own against at least two more jinchūriki, Madara and various revived strong ninja. He also fought on even grounds with the Five-Tails, another Kage-level opponent, while generally controlling the pace of the fight, and ultimately defeated him. After adapting to his father's eyes, Poji was almost able to match his Aku in various fields of combat when during their first fight, who had greatly modified his body and gained numerous abilities.

Taijutsu Edit

Although not his most used combat tactic, Poji's taijutsu was at a very high level since the start of the series. During the Yubokumin's first bell test with Genma, the elite ninja was shocked that he couldn't read Poji's nives while fighting him as he needed both hands. He was also able to outmanoeuvre two jonin-level otogakure missing-nin. His skills improved drastically after his encounter with Rock Lee and Sasuke Uchiha. With his Sharingan, he was able to copy some of Lee's moves and from it create the Lion Combo. Under Genma's tutelage, he improved his taijutsu further by copying more of Lee's Strong Fist-style, roughly matching Lee's basic combat skills and speed in one month. With this, he overwhelmed Gaara during their initial fight. He was also able to hold his own against the entire Sound Four for a brief period of time. In Part II, Poji further improved his taijutsu under his own guidance.

Since the start of the series, Poji showed a high level of speed and reflexes as he was the first of his fellow jonin to react to the Bandit's ambush and effectively counter them. After training in chakra control, his speed was on a near-equal level to that of Naruto's Bijuu Mode. He later increased his speed further to outrun anything including Gaara's sand and move faster than unaided eyes could follow in Part I. In Part II, due to his self-taught training, Poji's already impressive speed saw a huge leap, able to evade both being mutated by Abunai at point-blank range on multiple occasions, and attacks from the extremely fast his mother and the Sage of Sixth Paths, though he credited the last to his Sharingan's ability to read their linear moves. He also greatly increased his hand speed, able to do many hand seals in a blur and launch an enormous amount of weapons just as quickly, as seen during his fight with Itachi. His speed and proficiency with the Body Flicker Technique have also grown considerably, able to easily cut his opponents down without them noticing. When first facing Jikken in Part II, he showed himself able to cover wide gaps in the blink of an eye, giving the culprit no time to react.

Poji has shown a strong level of stamina and endurance; at the coast of the Land of Hot Water, he was able to endure a consistent string of battles against the mutants, a sage, a god and as well as stopping a meteor before finally collapsing from exhaustion. In a near-blind, battered, and visibly exhausted state from his latter fight with Madara and overusing the Mangekyō Sharingan, he still had enough stamina to fight against Madara before collapsing (during the bureka war), restrain and disarm a revived Deidara and later match a cloned Jiraiya's Rasengan with his Chidori. His raw strength has also become noticeably greater, being able to lift Choji by his shirt into the air with a single hand even while exhausted. His overall improvements were so great that it even impressed Tobirama and a revived Danzo and praised his impressive physical capabilities.

Ninjutsu Edit

Bukijutsu Edit

Since early childhood, Poji has displayed poor skill and use of various ninja tools which has grown and diversified over time. Poji has a strong distaste for using weapons calling them cowardly but he soon changed his view and being good with weapons. Poji was trained in archery during his childhood but head little skill.He is also skilled in the use of wire strings, using them for a variety of purposes ranging from rappelling, to manipulating the path of his shurikens, to ensnaring an opponent and setting them on fire. His level with both trap and weapon-based tactics even surprised Kakashi during their first bell test. He also used a set of vines to ensnare foes.

Kenjutsu Edit

After leaving the Hidden Leaf, Poji trained himself half of the time and also received training from Mifune in kenjutsu, and became a skilled swordsman. He also acquired a chokutō, and the use of kenjutsu has become a major part of his fighting style. With these kenjutsu skills, he was able to incapacitate hundreds of mutants during his training without killing them. His skills with a sword were better shown during the Force Release Arc, where he was able to effortlessly outfight and daze countless mutants, and even deflect their barrage of chakra blasts. He even skilfully blocked an attack from Mifune, a famous master swordsman, who acknowledged Poji's ability with this combat form.

Poji's lethal swordsmanship is shown to be very versatile, using impressive speed and precision behind his attacks, leaving little time for enemies to dodge or counter. He can effectively use it in either a normal or reverse grip, giving him various attack styles and the ability to attack or defend from various angles, allowing him to easily change his attack type to suit the situation. He can use his blade as a mid-range projectile with great precision as seen during the first battle against Abunai. Poji is also able to adapt his swordsmanship with equal proficiency to the makeshift Chidori blade.

Shurikenjutsu Edit

Poji is also well-versed in weapons use such as kunai and shuriken. At the start of the series, he could use techniques like Shadow Shuriken Technique in which he could hide one shuriken in the shadow of another and the Manipulated Shuriken Technique, which allows him to control the path of giant shuriken using wire strings. Due to his Sharingan, he can use an advanced version of the latter technique, the Manipulating Windmill Triple Blades which allows him to control a larger number of shuriken and even use them to ensnare an opponent with the strings. In the anime, he was able to perfectly strike a set of multiple targets (one of which was hidden in a blind spot) and precisely alter his launched kunai's trajectory by striking them with another tool in the process to accurately hit their respective mark.

Since his battle with Aku, Poji started using a Forehead Protector with a special seal that allowed him to instantly summon shuriken, thus increasing the amount he carries at any one time and launch speed. He has also demonstrated the ability to increase the lethal properties of the Fūma Shuriken by rigging it to disconnect its four blades and launch them into separate directions. Poji has also shown the ability to match his shuriken and Fire Release skills for techniques like Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique or he can infuse a fūma shuriken with lightning chakra for increased cutting power.

Summoning Technique Edit

During his most his self taught training, Poji learned many of the summoning techniques consisting of tiger-oriented and snake-oriented techniques. He became able to summon various-sized snakes to aid him in battle, even hidden from his sleeves to strike or bind his opponents with little time to react. His tigers are his main summoning and as special reward he was able to get the scroll for the Tsuchinoko. He uses scrolls to summon what he wants since he has three summonings.

Senjutsu Edit

In order to defeat Aku, Poji had to acquire Sage Mode because his Rinnegan was strong enough and he hadn't trained it enough, and his Bureka his preventing him to auto-master it due to fact his Bureka chakra has significantly weakened due to his over-usage to accelerate his training. So he trained under guidance of Iwasen, the Tiger Sage. He learnt about the differences in Incomplete Tiger Sage Mode, Experimental Tiger Sage Mode and True Tiger Sage Mode. He was able to master the true form and learn a variety of jutsu. This infact exhausted his Bureka chakra until he transformed again. His sage mode's appearance is tiger strips on his head and his eyes being golden with a pupil. When his sharingan or Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan is activated he retains the gold colour of the sage mode. The cost of trying to fuse Rinnegan with Sage Mode nearly proven fatal to causing him to keep the two separate of each other.

Kamijutsu Edit

During his fight with the Sage of the Six Paths, Poji showed determination to never give up on his ninja way and will always protect wake. His resolve allowed him to access the Kami Sharingan as well as God Mode. He showed unique abilities even able to cause tremors that even the whole world could feel. With this ability he was able to defeat the Sage of the Six Paths and stand up to the King of Hell. With this he was able to shatter the ground beneath him and even seal the King of Hell with the reaper death seal with out using his life. Kamijutsu removes the fatal drawbacks of almost every ability. But some such as Eight Gates, Chiyo's revival jutsu and reaper death seal: release. But he was able to survive the Rinne Tensei and many other deadly jutsus. Due to the power of God Mode. Poji is forbidden to use against comrades in training. With this he was able to make the planet bigger and created the Land of Dark, the Yamagakure and become the first Yamikage.

Dōjutsu Edit

Poji can use the Sharingan Dōjutsu.

Sharingan Edit

Poji's Sharingan

Poji using his Sharingan, while Sasuke trains his Chidori

Poji has already completed the Sharingan cycle and can use it effectively and can almost use it more effectively then Sasuke. He also has achieved the Mangekyō Sharingan. With the Sharingan he can preform the Sharingan Technique: Slow Movement to cause the opponent move slowly and hallucinate.

Mangekyō Sharingan Edit

Mangekyō Sharingan Poji

Poji's Mangekyo

Poji is able to use Mangekyō Sharingan. He can preform survival genjutsus with it such as Tsukuyomi but his is too dangerous to be used on any as his can easily kill someone. Making his Tsukuyomi forbidden for him. Poji was able to use the Mangekyo Sharingan after the death of his sensei.

Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan Edit

Poji's Eternal Mangekyo Poji's Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan was created when his father implant his Mangekyo onto Poji's. Poji's Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan his half the same as his original Mangekyo but its shape is more curved and thinner then smile to his father's which is just as straight lines. In with his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan he is able to perform his father's Amaterasu and his Tsukuyomi. However he cannot Collaborate them into the Black Flame Tsukuyomi anymore.

Rinnegan Edit

Poji activate it for the first time after he was revived by his father, shortly afterwards he was able turn his father into one of his his Six Paths, and then used the Meteor Technique to kill all Black Ninjas in the area, but he ended up using too much chakra and nearly collapse since he is not a reanimated corpse like Madara.

Nature Transformation Edit

Poji as seemed to born with ability to be able to use all nature transformations except for yin and yang. He is also considerably weaker then most Uchihas. Thanks to the Bureka incident he can also use Dark Release. Along with his mothers Magnet Release and Wood Release.

Bureka Edit

Poji is a member of the Anger Cell Faction. One of few users to use this ultimate rare ability, the use the anger cell grant their host power tenfold, resulting it to being even stronger to Jinchurikis and the Eight Gates. Burekas carry beasts created through experiments and which causes the Burekas to be confused with a Jinchuriki. Like the the Eight Gates their several pathways in this ability.

Synposis Edit

Poji Keisatsu Arc Edit

During the Poji Keisatsu Arc, he makes his first appearance along with the rest of Yūbokumin. He along Kajin Maruku and Karuto Geinin arrive in the village after Poji's nomadic adventures around the world helping others. He refused to aid in the war due to not being strong enough. During this arc, he learns that he himself is a member of the Uchiha Clan and Senju Clan.

The Legacy Arc Edit

In attempt to find out more about himself, Poji uses the Edo Tensei to revive his namesake ancestor and Madara Uchiha's namesake. After learning of the clan that cursed his, he learns of a secret location of the Uchiha and the resting place of the Sage of Sixth Paths, after that he embarks on a mission to locate it with Kakashi Hatake, Genma Shiranui and Sakura Haruno. During the mission he meets up with one of Aku's underlings and is forced to fight him. Into he learns that the trail of Sage of Sixth Paths is gone cold after his corpse was missing.

Bureka War Edit

Capture of the Jinchuriki's Fiancee Edit

During the Bureka War Arc, Poji, Karuto and Kajin fight alongside the fiancee of the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails. Sakura Haruno-Uzumaki after many efforts to defend her she is taken by the Black Ninja Clan.

First Battle of Land of Rain Edit

Following which Poji and Karuto split up from Kajin to help out in the Land of Rain. They fight many ninja then encounter Meishi Fukushi, a Rinnegan users. They put up many effort in fighting her and of Six Paths of Pain but they are defeated. Karuto then blocks her Lightning Release: Single Slash mortally wounding him. As Poji watches his closest friend die, his Sharingan activates on its own and starts forming into something. After Karuto dies, he finally activates his Mangekyo Sharingan for the first time. He is later knocked out by an unknown man after trying to go after Meishi. He later wakes up to find Sasuke and Kajin enjoying a bowl of ramen. Sasuke then tells the truth of how Poji really got the Sharingan. Saying that he was born with it because he is an Uchiha and for his namesake his parents changed their surname to avoid being caught in the massacre 28 years ago. Poji Keisatsu is pleased to know his heritage but keeps his surname. 2 days later Poji encounter's one of Meishi's Paths, Deidara Path and fights him. He uses his Mangekyo Sharingan to use Tsukuyomi. He attempts kill Deidara Path in his Tsukuyomi but ultimately counters it. Four more times he continues to try but fails and starts to lose his sight his right eye and stops using his Mangekyo Sharingan. He then fights him without it and destroys him a Rasengan. He returns to Kajin to aid her against Black Ninja clan member Jiki Arashi. Kajin uses her Magma Release to counter his attacks but does know good. Poji does the unthinkable and uses Summoning: Impure World Resurrection to resurrect his father in doing so he helps defeat Jiki Arashi with Poji and Wan Keisatsu's joint efforts in using the Mangekyo Sharingan. Wan uses the Amaterasu and Poji uses Tsukuyomi to create powerful collaboration Sharingan genjutsu, the Black Flame Tsukuyomi killing Jiki. But after using a fully powered Tsukuyomi has rendered him at nearly blind. Poji struggles to see and trips over a rock. Wan takes him to a nearby hospital to help him. Wan sacrifices his Mangekyo Sharingan and gives it to Poji. While Poji remains in the hospital bed with the Bandages the Battle of Land of Rain rages on. Kajin and Wan then fight Meishi on lake, and they try many efforts to defeat her but they are invain and are nearly killed by Poji impales Meishi through the heart with the Susanoo killing her instantly and ending the First Battle of Land of Rain.

Battle in the Land of Iron Edit

Seven days later, Poji, Kajin and Wan journey to the Land of Iron where many Black Ninja are wreaking havoc. Poji and Kajin fight many of the ninjas but when Poji reaches the Three Wolves, he is impaled by a Black Ninja slowly he begins to die and in his dying breath he tells Kajin he loves her. Wan than becomes furious and performs the One's Own Life Reincarnation on him returning him to life. As Poji open his eyes his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan is not present but two new eyes are, the Rinnegan. He then uses it to perform the Meteor Technique to kill all Black Ninjas in the area, but he ended up using too much chakra and nearly collapse since he is not a reanimated corpse like Madara. Aka and reanimated corpse Kisame Hoshigaki journey to the Land of Iron and attempt to capture to ninja but he manages to use his Father Path to fight against them, he manages to defeat Kisame and Aka. Poji then uses the Father Path, to turn Kisame into his Mist Path. Afterwards they leave the Land of Iron and journey onwards to find Sakura.

Battle for the Fiancee Edit

Within two days they Journey to the Land of Fangs, to discover that most of the villages where destroyed. He uses all techniques involving his nature transformation. He uses Snare with two of his Paths and finishes it the exploding Snare on several Black Ninja. Poji finds Sakura and escape the fortress but they are intervened by reanimates corpses Madara and Tobi. Poji tries to uses his Shinra Tensei to blow Madara and Tobi away destroy most of the fortress. Sakura uses her Rasengan and Poji collaborates by infusing his Shinra Tensei with it to create the Tense Rasengan and later use his Chidori Current with Rasengan to help perform the Chidori Rasengan injuring Tobi and phasing Madara with both attacks. Poji transform into stage 4 and destroys Tobi with his sonic roar and kicks Madara in half defeating them both. Poji, Sakura, Kajin and the paths then head for shelter to sleep for the night.

Eye vs. Eye: Poji vs. Madara Edit

During night fall Madara was put back together by Aku, and Poji challenges him. He fights tries to attack him with Dark Release: Rasengan but Madara absorbs it with his jutsu. Poji activates his Eternal Sharingan as does Madara and active the jutsu Amaterasu Heat Wave where it collides with one another but ends incinerating several buildings. Poji uses Kamui to send flames into space. He than tries to use his Dark Release: Tiger Clone Technique to take down Madara but he defeats all clone in seconds. he then summons his Tsuchinoko and uses Tsuchinoko Technique: Legendary Sword to combat Madara but he easily avoids it. He then uses his Chidori Current and Dark Release: Armour with the sword to create his newest jutsu Dark Release: Legendary Sword of Lightning which he uses to cut Madara's arm off. Madara breaks Poji's sword killing his Tsuchinoko in the progress and attempts to kill him by crushing his neck but Poji escape revealing both him and the sword were just Shadow Clones he created earlier. In attempt to kill Madara once and for all Poji tries to use Blaze Release but realises he can't since its not in his blood so, he uses his Dark Release power his Amaterasu but Madara easily dodges it. Poji then uses Susanoo Bow on Madara but only hits him in the knee while Madara is stabbed Poji unleashes his Susanoo Tomahawks into attempt to behead Madara but Madara is easily dodges it. Poji then finally gets him when he uses Tiger Technique: Prancing Sword and cuts him in half. But Madara ends his stabbing Poji in the stomach with Susanoo Sword both ly next to each other sharing a conversation about the Uchiha Clan and how Madara wishes that they that he could of had a better life. Afterwards Aku appears and takes Madara away and reveals a Rinnegan in his left eye telling Poji his work with Tobi is down and now needs Madara. Kajin finds Poji on the ground and attempts to kill Aku before he leaves with her new found strength but he gets away, she uses her Medical Ninjutsu to heal Poji and then clobbers him on the head for facing Madara alone. Poji then offers to teach Kajin his teachable jutsus to her and they leave the Land of Fangs and heads toward the Land of Fire.

Training at Tiger Mountains Edit

After Poji returns to the Land of Fire, he has Kajin telepathically communicate with the Sora the tiger lord. Sora summons Poji and Kajin to Tiger Mountains where he asks them to train so he can use that technique. In his absence his tigers fights many of the Black Ninja in Konohagakure and several dead shinobi with the Mist Path, Father Path and Tetsu. After a few days Sora refuses to teach Poji sage mode because of his Rinnegan and instead he teaches Kajin it returns and comes face-to-face with Aku who reveals to have stolen Madara's Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and Tobi's Rinnegan. Revealling he to was strengthening his skills.

Final Bout with Aku Edit

Poji activates his new Perfect Tiger Sage Mode. He shows that Kajin has learnt new abilities and proves it with her first attack Sage Art: Dark Release: Rasengan but Aku reveals that he also stole Gold Release kekkei genkai and uses to counter the attack. Kajin then uses her Sage Art: Dark Release: Tiger Clone Technique to combat Aku's Gold Release but he then uses Gold Release: Multiple Senbon to disperse the clones, and counters with her Sage Art: Lightning Release: Shadow Shuriken Technique and Poji's Shadow clones but Aku's Gold Release Armour manages to stop the jutsu in its tracks. Poji activates his Sharingan. He then uses Lightning Release: Shadow Shuriken Technique to try and paralysis Aku but he dodges it easily he then tries using his Sage Mode enhanced version but Aku also dodges it. Kajin uses her Magma Catastrophe to trap Aku and Kajin uses Sage Art: Fire Release: Lightning Shuriken Technique and manages to hit Aku, but Aku only received flesh wounds and knocks them both into the Hokage Mansion. Poji awakes his Rinnegan in anger and uses the Meteor Technique against the wishes of Kajin but it misses Aku and lands near the Fire Temple. Because he used it his Rinnegan use was shorten ended using it all with the Meteor Technique. But his normal chakra still remained, voluntarily he awakens his Anger Cells and transforms into the 6th, 7th and then 8th stage. However he accidentally pushes his luck by going to 9th stage and transforms into a Wolf-like Creature pleasing Aku. Poji proceeds to attack Aku destroying multiple buildings in his path. Poji's tails in his Wolf form increase from One to two. Realizing after the other tailed beast where sealed except for Kurama and Gyūki, Kajin sees that Poji is going to be turned into the next tailed beast from Aku's dream of creating his own tailed-beast. Kajin then fights Poji to stop him but Poji doesn't recognise her and continues to attack her. Poji's tails continue to increase until 4 are shown, Poji becomes more aggressive and dangerous by the minute, Kajin continues to fight him to save him but to no avail. Kajin then hugs Poji crying on him and tells him that she loves him, the feeling tears splashing on his back awakens Poji in his subconsciousness. Where he meets Karuto, Kajin, Madara and King Tora whom tell him this what Aku intend to do and tells him not to let him. Poji finally returns to normal and turns his tension towards Aku.

Kajin uses Sage Art: Deadly Beast Combo but to no avail, and Poji then awakes his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan to use Kuniumi and then asks Father Path to distract Aku whle he prepares the final techniques against Aku. Kajin continues to attack him but to no avail but then Kajin and Poji is ready and releases his jutsu. Sage Art: Dark Release: Amaterasu Heat Wave incinerating everything in its path Aku unleashing his final ninjutsu Gold Release: Golden Dust Wave to try and kill Poji but fails and Aku begins to burn to death, Poji walks up to him a curses him for what he did to him and impales Aku in the heart with a sword. Ending him once end for all. After this Sakura parts ways from the duo and they journey off.

After the War Edit

Following the war, Poji and Kajin journey together and help keep order in the world. They then reminisce about Karuto and King Tora. Eventually they come across the Land of Tea where Kajin was asked by the Daimyo to treat the sick, but Poji decides that his travels aren't over bids Kajin a warm goodbye and Journeys on his own. He also has obtain the Sword of Kusanagi

Find the Culprit Arc Edit

Following Poji and Kajin splitting up, Poji enters the Otogakure where he meets Jikken a former experiment of Orochimaru's and learns that a member five ninja have stolen Kekkei Genkais and Kekkei Tota abilities. Asking for his assistance, he accepts and they set out to find them. Along the way, he remembers his mother Mai Senju and the day of the accident. Showing that he a unleashed an immature Sharingan at age 7. Poji continued and found Seikon Bakuha a former foe of Wan's revealing that he is in possession of a kekkei genkai a fight ensures between Poji and Jikken. Seikon performs several Energy Release jutsus but they manage to defeat Poji chooses to spare him and extracts the DNA out of him and leaves. Jikken kills Seikon and joins Poji. They continue out where Jikken tells stories of his father and Seikon fighting. They continue to find the next one but find that the culprit is already dead and realises it a trap. Jikken and Poji then fight it out on border of Land of Sound. Poji manages to out fight him even with out his Dark Release and manages to overcome and kills him effectively. Poji then buries the deceased victims and apologises to them. He then sets out for Arashi Kaguya.

Arashi Kaguya and Poji Keisatsu Arc Edit

Poji ventures into the Land of Iron seeking permission to get Arashi, Mifune grants him to seek at his house and Poji than questions the young Ninja and discovers are shocking revelation. Arashi stolen not only Roku Uchiha life but also his Mangekyo Sharingan. Poji attacks him and Arashi admits why he killed him and that he obtained the Sharingan before his death. Arashi tells him that his grandfather was plotting to kill the Uchiha Clan. Arashi took his eye earlier but he didn't kill him, Itachi did. Arashi requested Itachi that he make a note saying he was reponsible and Itachi. Arashi wishes to kill Poji the last the descendent and the chosen son of Madara Uchiha. So that Arashi can become the leader of the Uchiha and not Poji. Poji also learns that he was one of Roku's targets choosing not to avenge Roku, he walks away but Arashi seizes the moment and tries to attack him but Poji easily blows him away. Arashi than shows him a future if Arashi lives, where Kajin is killed, Naruto and all Leaf villagers have been burnt to the ground and entire would his engulfed. Choosing to protect the would, Poji goes into an all out battle with Arashi. Poji is defeated and letter treated by Amaru Hyuga and Poji tells her of Arashi's plot and then the pair set out and fight him again. Amaru watches has Poji loses his right in the battle but it doesn't slow Poji down has he continues to fight Arashi with his single Rinnegan. Amaru and Poji then combine there jutsu and manage to defeat Arashi and Poji blinds him with his sword and seals him with the same technique itachi used on Orochimaru. Amaru attends to his injuries but the declares that his right eye can no longer be used until she finds the right healing antitode and tells him not to go traveling for 3 weeks. In those 3 weeks Amaru and Poji bond, as Poji trains and trains. After the three weeks have past, Amaru joins Poji on his quest and together become close friends.

Misc stops Edit

Poji makes a stop in few villages helping them with building, repairing or feeding the young. Amaru then teaches him to use Mystical Palm Technique like an expert and Poji becomes a Medical Ninja, but refuses to take on its responsibilities, they continue there journeys as Poji tells her everyone great journey involves some stops and some good training to take those extract steps. Amaru crosses boundaries as she kisses him, after some apologies Amaru and Poji continue there journeys. Amaru also points out that Poji is starting to resemble Madara a bit as his hair is nearly as long as Madara's.

Learning Yin and Yang Edit

Amaru although not knowing yin or yang she offers to teach Poji, them. Thanks to the chakra from the Bureka cells, he is able to master the bases of them in a few hours. In next few hours Poji as few problems creating Yin Clones and Yang Clones properly, but slowly starts to get the hang of it. Poji eventually gains the ability to use Yin and Yang but is still inexperienced at using them only able to use clones. Kajin finally returns to his side and they meet up with a Ninja of Legend and gives the two a task to do and tells them to defeat Abunai.

Force Release Arc Edit

Poji first fights his mother and manages to defeat her using his techniques. And continues onto to fight Rasuto and defeats him to.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Shukun, while in Stage 2)

    "In the world of Shinobi people have to accept two things. Life or death, but in your case death is your only option. I shall not abandon my comrades and even if i become a scum for it."

    • (To Kajin and Karuto)

      "I will never allow my comrades to die. I'll protect you until the very last breath in my body expires, that's absolute."

      • (To Karuto before he dies)

        "I failed to protect the only person I ever thought of as a brother, you and Kajin are my closest friends, my best-friends. But I'll promise you that you'll not die alone, I'll stay by your side until your eyes close. Farewell my friend."

        • (To Naruto the Sixth Hokage and Sasuke)

          "I see, so that's how bad Sasuke became. Because of Danzo, then I'll change the Uchiha Clan. No more coups, no more unnecessary killings, no more treating people like nobodies and no more disrespect. The Fourth Shinobi World War may have ended over a year ago but my war begins. Aku must pay for what he did to me and my friends. My dream is the unite my clan and to become its leader. I guess that's what I inherited from Madara, but I'll never be like him. As long as I have my eyes and friends I'll never give up fighting for what I believe in. You the youngest Hokage of this village and the second youngest Kage, should understand that. You've done your part about the hate and now I'll do my part. No more hatred will rise from an Uchiha, so here I'm going to become a traveler and I'll not be bound by a village until I can save this world from the power of hatred. I bid farewell Naruto, Sasuke. I'll be back once I've done something about all this. Sasuke forget how are clan used to be and make it a better one. You and Karin will manage that. Naruto and Sakura you take care of your final dreams."

          Relationships Edit

          Allies and Friends Edit

          Karuto Geinin Edit

          Karuto is Poji's love rival and best-friend. They compete for Kajin's affection time to time. When Poji met Sasuke and he told him the ways of obtaining the Mangekyo Sharingan he refused to get that power if that's the only way. Poji later ended their rivalry after realising that Kajin was slowly developing feels for him. When Karuto died, Poji summoned the power of the Mankeyo Sharingan in raged but he overused in time but eventually gained the Eternal and then the Rinnegan.

          Kajin Maruku Edit

          Kajin is Poji's life long best-friend and the love of his life. She initially thought him as a friend but slowly after gaining more strength then ever. She began to feel for him and eventually they became lover after the war ended.

          Amaru Hyuga Edit

          Amaru is Poji's companion and newest best-friend. She intially had feelings for him until she realised he did not return them. She manage to go to far but they manage to patch up their friendship and continued there path.

          Sakura Haruno Edit

          Poji has shown to have great respect for Sakura and is the same age as her. Sakura was also surprised that he made Jonin at age 14, when she was just a Chunin at the time. Sakura was the first friend Poji's friends made in the leaf village.

          Naruto Uzumaki Edit

          Poji and Naruto have a hostile first encounter but he reveals the he was once a disciple of Konan and Pain. And told Naruto that he wished for a War free future, knowing full well its impossible. Poji idealism is the same as Naruto's for the Shinobi World.

          Madara Uchiha Edit

          "Madara-sama, thank you." Poji to Madara. Madara was Poji first and only "sama", Madara had shared wisdom with Poji since the day they fought. Thanks to Madara, Poji was able to awaken the verify the extent of his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and manage to defeat protect Amegakure.

          Mentors Edit

          Sasuke Uchiha Edit

          Sasuke was one of his mentors and he taught Poji the chidori and its full mastery skills. Sasuke also treated him like a cousin since Poji and him are of the same clan. Poji explains why his father changed their surname and his heritage. Because of Sasuke's ranks in the clan he calls him Senpai instead of Sensei. Even though they are the same age.

          Mifune Edit

          Unlike most Ninja, Poji is the only one allowed to enter the Land of Iron whenever he feels like, even its for battle or for quick stop. Poji was taught Kenjutsu from Mifune and made friends with him. He is one of few people he calls sensei or sama.

          Trivia Edit

          • Poji ("ポジ") means positive, while Keisatsu ("警察") translate to police.

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