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Biography Edit

Kajin is best-friend with Karuto and the love interest, companion and best-friend of Poji, Kajin hasn't shown much signs of love towards Poji but they are hinted to exist. Kajin first met Karuto and Poji in the lab before escaping, after that they became companion and often stick together at all times. They take shelter in shack for almost all their loves surviving by eating anything they can. Kajin stay close with Poji most of there trips talking about Amegakure. After Karuto's death she refused to fight anymore and left everything Poji but later decided to help him again after she realises he needs her.

Background Edit

Kajin, like Karuto and Poji is another victim of the anger cell experiments and kekkai genkai experiments. Due to this incident she gain several abilities including Dark Release, Magma Release and Lava Release. Her Dark Release is natural stronger then Karuto due to her mother being able to use it. Years later, she found out that she can use her mind to move things, that night she accidentally killed an ANBU member when she throw a shard of glass with her mind due to the lack of evidence and disbelief the ANBU death was stated by a pure accident. She later became an academy student and with her talents became a full fledge Konichi.

Abilities Edit

  • Magma Release - Kajin can use Magma Release by combining Yin-Yang and Lava Release. She uses Magma Release more then her Earth Release affinity. This is her clan secret Kekkei Genkai and the evolution and stronger form of Lava Release.
  • Telekinesis - Kajin can use her mind to move object towards her. She can also use it to control weapons
  • Fire Release - Kajin like her friends can use Fire Release and effectively.
  • Earth Release - Kajin's affinity is mainly Earth Release however she uses it less.
  • Lava Release - Kajin's third Kekkai Genkai Nature Transformation. Along with her Magma Release, her Lava Release is her signature attacks.
  • Yin and Yang Releaase - While little talent for Yin and Yang she can still preform two jutsu with it.
  • Yin-Yang Release - Kajin can use Yin-Yang Release is her Clan's Signature Nature Transformation

Mutation Edit

Kajin's "mean side" comes out to play when Karuto returns as a victim of the Mutation and vows to kill Abunai for it and she manages to help Karuto overcome this jutsu and they fight alongside one another once again.

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